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psdgraphics.compsdGraphics – Graphic Design Library

Founded by Boris P. as a hobby site.
Here you can find a lot of free stuff for webmasters and designers.
High resolution backgrounds, textures, icons etc, and original Photoshop PSD sources.


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Tutorial9.netWe are Tutorial9 – a collection of teachers, experts, and caring folk from around the world, all gathered in one place to pass along our knowledge to absolutely anyone interested in learning.


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ThemeForest.netThemeForest is a marketplace for buying and selling website templates and CMS themes for all sorts of products, like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


Fundamentals of MySQL Query Validation

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Web 2.0 is a fine thing. You can build whole websites, news systems, or picture galleries – just by using the power of content submitted by users.


But be careful! You can never trust every user when it comes to submitting data. There are always those who may try to compromise your website by submitting bad queries. Even if unintentional, it can be possible for users to destroy your database’s consistency just by entering incorrect data.


Bisigi project Team

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bisigi-project.orgBehind this African word, referring to the notion of imagination, you can find some themes for GNOME

Themes for gnome

Чистая Ubuntu + Используемые пакеты

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Q: Как создать список пакетов из прошлой системы, чтобы установить их уже в новой, не вспоминать же заного что было?

A: Для того, чтобы создать список установленных в пакетов можно воспользоваться следующей утилитой:
$ dpkg --get-selections > installed_programs.txt
Можно также записать в файл краткую информацию о пакетах (версия пакета и краткое описание):
$ COLUMNS=150 dpkg -l > packages.txt
Теперь все эти пакеты можно установить на другом компьютере (или на этом же, после переустановки). Для этого устанавливаем Ubuntu по умолчанию, и после установки выполняем следующую операцию, предварительно скопировав на этот компьютер файл installed_programs.txt:
$ sudo dpkg --set-selections < installed_programs.txtи дальше
или$ sudo apt-get -u dist-upgradeили$ sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade


CSS Lightview Style Popup

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My friend and I were working on his site last week and we were in need of a popup very similar to how the lightview works. Since my friend is not very fond of using pre-built js scripts, he asked me to create the same feel from scratch. I came up with my own version mimicking the lightview effect, and thought it would be good to share the technique and get some feed back and improvement suggestions.


Add File Type Icons next to your links with CSS

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Many people use Javascript to automatically add file type icons to their external links, mailto links, Word, PDF, Excel Document links… when it can be done very easily with CSS 2.1.


Super Awesome Buttons with CSS3 and RGBA

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We love CSS at ZURB. We love it so much that we're using the new, yet-to-be released version (CSS3) in some of our projects. In the works for nearly 10 years now, CSS3 is finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as new browsers like Firefox and Safari continue to push its implementation.



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As a passionate Web Designer and Front-End Developer seasoned in working in the fast-paced, ever-changing web environment, I have learned to produce both usable and aesthetically pleasing designs, specializing in XHTML and CSS structures.