Metallica — Master of puppets (REAL DRUM)


Absence - For The End Is Yet To Come


Rammstein - Ohne Dich


MNEMIC - Door 2.12


Amorphis - Dead Man's Dream


On opening my eyes…
The world dark as my soul…
Nothing moves, nothing flows
A dream of a dead man

The moss of thoughts fill my mouth…
Lichen grows on my bones… Vertebrae detach…
Teeth lost in the grit

The night has swallowed my name…
Taken my time, taken my place
The dusk has covered my trace…
The rain has washed my memories away

I have disappeared…
I am no more… Turned into voice of storm
The roaring song of space…
Behold the waves… They roll over themselves
Behold the waves… There lies the lap of time


Battlecross — Never Coming Back


Black Sabbath — Heaven And Hell (1980)


Sing me a song, you're a singer
Do me a wrong, you're a bringer of evil
The devil is never a maker
The less that you give, you're a taker
So it's on and on and on, it's heaven and hell
Oh well

The lover of life's not a sinner
The ending is just a beginner
The closer you get to the meaning
The sooner you'll know that you're dreaming
So it's on and on and on, oh it's on and on and on
It goes on and on and on, Heaven and Hell
I can tell
Fool, fool

Oh uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Well if it seems to be real, it's illusion
For every moment of truth, there's confusion in life
Love can be seen as the answer, but nobody bleeds for the dancer
And it's on and on, on and on and on and on and on and on and on

They say that life's a carousel
Spinning fast, you've got to ride it well
The world is full of kings and queens
Who blind your eyes and steal your dreams
It's heaven and hell, oh well

And they'll tell you black is really white
The moon is just the sun at night
And when you walk in golden halls
You get to keep the gold that falls
It's heaven and hell, oh no

Fool, fool
You've got to bleed for the dancer
Fool, fool
Look for the answer
Fool, fool, fool


Metallica - One [Live In Seattle '89]


Смысловые галлюцинации - Вечно молодой


Я мог бы выпить море,
Я мог бы стать другим,
Вечно молодым, вечно пьяным.

Я мог бы стать рекой,
Быть темною водой,
Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный.
Вечно молодой...

Я мог бы стать скалой,
Но уже другой
Кто-то молодой, кто-то пьяный.

Хочет стать рекой,
Быть темною водой
Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный.
Вечно молодой...
Вечно молодой, вечно пьяный
Вечно молодой, вечно молодой...

Вечно молодой,
Вечно молодой,
Вечно молодой...


Metallica - Master Of Puppets [Live In Seattle '89]


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