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Q: Got the "failed to execute /lib/udev/mtp-probe" message at boot recently.  Is there anything wrong with my system?
A: sudo apt-get install libmtp-runtime
L: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=293945#p293945

Q: sudo /etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart
amixer: Mixer hw:0 load error: Invalid argument
A: echo "options snd-hda-intel model=generic" >> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf
L: http://digimente.blogspot.ru/2012/12/debian-y-la-tarjeta-de-sonido-que-nada.html

Q: How to disable ipv6
A: echo net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.d/local.conf
L: http://debianforum.ru/index.php?topic=45.msg4673#msg4673

Q: Parking head of HDD problem!
A: hdparm -B 254 /dev/sda
L: http://pingvinux.blogspot.ru/2011/11/blog-post.html