Axe menu for gnome-shell

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Big and beautiful menu for gnome-shell 3.2 and 3.4 :)

Install from or

Download (v0.8.3)
.tar.gz — 61 kb


or use this script:

wget -c -O axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz
tar xvfz axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz -C $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/



  • Right click on the menu to open settings manager.
  • Left click to open the menu >> start typing right away to search for what you're looking for >> press Enter to open the first search result.
  • Press "Tab" on your keyboard to switch between Favorites and All applications.
  • The bold and underlined texts are your favorites.
  • To add an app to favorites, hover that app, right click. A box will appear, click Yes to confirm.
  • To remove an app from favorite, hover that app (the bold and underlined ones), right click. A box will appear, click Yes to confirm.
  • The menu is bound to "SuperR" button. See README for details.



For the Italian translation thanks to Giuseppe Palmiotto

For the French translation thanks to .:: CouDu ::.

For the Portuguese (Brazil) thanks to Bruno Magalhães

For the German thanks to Rüdiger

For the Arabic thanks to Hannysabbagh

For the Turkish thanks to Eren Doğuş Ateş

For the Spanish thanks to Antonio Trujillo

For the Chinese thanks to 杜宏羽

For the Hebrew thanks to Ami Geva

For the Bahasa Indonesia thanks to Sahri Riza Umami

For the Japanese thanks to Nishio Futoshi

For the Polish thanks to Mateusz Szostak

For the Greek thanks to giotis

For the Catalan thanks to David Soms

For the Dutch thanks to Rob van den Berg

For the Czech thanks to Pavel Sieder

For the Finnish thanks to Juhani Numminen



Like it?


Simon 26/Apr/2015 12:43

Great extension, easy to use. Many thanks.

Abhinav 25/Jan/2014 10:31

This Plugin is not working in Fedora 20 Gnome 3.10.3.
Any ETA on when you would be able to update the plugin to latest Gnome-Shell version??

erickcion 30/Aug/2013 01:06


In Canaima GNU/Linux 4.0 we are integrated the Axe Menu Plugin into our default desktop enviroment.

Canaima is the national GNU/Linux Distribution promoted by the venezuelan goverment, and is used in public administration institutions and in educational laptops distributed totaly free in public schools.

Your axe menu plugin was selected to facilitate the users migration from Gnome2 to Gnome3 enviroments.

You can contact with Canaima Developer Community at:

desarrolladores [at]

yogi 30/May/2013 09:44

I want to translate it to kannada(kn) language. Where can I get pot file.?

Arcanomus 24/Jan/2013 01:34

PayPal Confirmation Code: 9YU96020Y1661683L

Mi support is small but my gratitude sincere.

So much thanks for your work.

Greetings from México.

Griffin 16/Jan/2013 01:20

Is there a way to add to the "Places" list?

GizmoChicken 31/Dec/2012 10:15


I absolutely LOVE Axe Menu. But I also love the "global menu" feature found in Ubuntu's Unity desktop environment. (The "global menu" saves considerable space on a crowed desktop by placing the menu of only the focused window within the top panel, rather than placing separate menus at the top of each application’s window.) And so, ideally, I'd like to run something like Axe Menu in Unity rather than in Gnome.

As you of course know, Gnome shell extensions aren't natively compatible with Unity. Unity does, however, allow for adding "application indicators" (applets) to the Unity title bar. As an example, please see the "ClassicMenu Indicator" found here:

Any chance you could be convinced to port Axe Menu to run as an "application indicator" in Unity?

In my estimation, there is a huge unmet demand for something like Axe Menu among Unity users. So if you were to port your Axe Menu as an application indicator, I wager that you would be a hero to many Unity users!

Suaf 29/Dec/2012 13:01

I am not able to uninstall it. Uninstalling through the extensions website gives an error. I am new to GNOME 3, can you help me? Thanks.

Nathan 15/Dec/2012 08:54

Changing the menu icon drove me nuts. I was expecting the name in the config to directly relate to the icon name, but it looks for that name + \"-symbolic\".extension instead of just name.extension

X_SID 08/Dec/2012 19:48

Дмитрий, здравствуйте! Использовал данное расширение оболочки в предыдущих версиях Gnome Shell (сейчас, волею обновлений системы, стоит версия 3.6.2). На данном этапе расширение успешно не работает вообще. Мягко говоря - обидно, т.к. без него оболочкой пользоваться не очень удобно (отказываться нет в пользу чего, ибо в целом - комфортно, за исключением доступа к меню приложений). Слёзно умоляю Вас, обратите внимание на мольбы страждущих и обновите расширение, т.к. достойной замены ему просто нет. Заранее благодарю за хоть какой-нибудь комментарий.

Trulo 06/Nov/2012 13:29

I see "Error" in Gnome 3.6, but no error trace using Alt+F2 and then lg > Extensions.

Johnny 03/Nov/2012 16:51

There will be an update of this extension for gnome 3.6?

rv 31/Oct/2012 07:31

Best Gnome-Shell Extension ever, !
Thanks a lot! :D

Raul 20/Oct/2012 14:24

Hello, any trick to make it possible to use in gnome 3.6?

Thank you!!


Fritz Heinrichmeyer 17/Oct/2012 15:25


There are javascript error reports with gnome-shell 3.4.2 in arch linux, but your menu is working.

(gnome-shell:700): Clutter-WARNING **: Attempting to remove actor of type 'ShellGenericContainer' from group of class 'StBoxLayout', but the container is not the actor's parent.

(gnome-shell:700): Clutter-WARNING **: Attempting to remove actor of type 'ShellGenericContainer' from group of class 'StBoxLayout', but the container is not the actor's parent.
JS ERROR: !!! Exception in callback for signal: enter-event
JS ERROR: !!! message = '"this._activeContainer is null"'
JS ERROR: !!! lineNumber = '1157'
JS ERROR: !!! fileName = '"/home/fritz/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/axemenu@wheezy/extension.js"'
JS ERROR: !!! stack = '"([object Object])@/home/fritz/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/axemenu@wheezy/extension.js:1157

Mateusz Szostak 28/Sep/2012 21:41

Hi, when will Gnome 3.6 version of your menu?

Eric 17/Sep/2012 19:30


First of all, excellent work; I've been looking for something like this since I updated my Ubuntu to Shell.

And second, I'd like to know if I could help you translating the script to my language, Catalan (a language spoken by 10 million people, and quite active in the Ubuntu ecosystem). If you're interested, please, contact me by sending a mail to

And again, amazing job!

panciluca 02/Sep/2012 22:43

I would like to know if it is possible to delete/add the items in the list of the right pane under all applications (this because of the fact that axemenu lists all the installed programs with wine).

Thank you very much.


easy2002 25/Jul/2012 17:37

@finid: At the moment, the menu background can be changed only by editing the shell theme.
.popup-menu-boxpointer {
-arrow-background-color: rgba(255,0,0,0.5);

easy2002 25/Jul/2012 17:13

@pablo: Here is an example of how you can change the icon from the Faenza icons set.">

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