Ubuntu / Debian Script To Install Sharp Fonts

Some people cannot get used to the polished Ubuntu / Debian fonts, especially if they used Windows for a long time and are just switching to Linux. Installing sharp fonts in Ubuntu is easy, but you must follow these steps each time you install Ubuntu or when installing Ubuntu to friends (I do that a lot) so a script for this would be most welcomed. Thanks to Mongi Gazelle @ MGazelle, you can download a script that does just that: installs sharp fonts for your Ubuntu / Debian system and sets them up.

What the script does:
  1. Checks if you are running Ubuntu or Debian
  2. Checks if you are running the command with root privileges
  3. Checks if another package manager is running
  4. Installs the cabextract package which is needed to extract the fonts
  5. Downloads the needed fonts
  6. Extracts all fonts to the truetype directory
  7. Downloads the font config file to /etc/fonts
Download the script from HERE. If the download doesn't work, you can get the script from HERE (at the bottom of the post - save it in a shapfonts.sh file).

After downloading, make the script executable and run it with the following commands (use the terminal to navigate to the folder where you downloaded the .sh file):
chmod +x sharpfonts.sh
sudo ./sharpfonts.sh