how to create view that display just 2 level of taxonomy vocabulary


This link saved me :), hopefully you get the results too....

Here is a quick tip that has proved helpful in a few different instances. Say you have a taxonomy vocabulary that has a set of root terms and these terms have children. For example:

Honda -Civic -Accord Toyota -Camry -Prius

Now say you want to configure a view that only shows the first level of this vocabulary. For example:

Honda Toyota

This is pretty easy to do and can prove useful when wanting to show a top level view of your terms. You can accomplish this with two steps within a term view:

  1. Add a relationship to the ‘Parent Term’.
  2. Add a filter using the ‘Parent Term’ relationship against the Term Name and set the operator to ‘Is Empty (NULL)’

Simple as that.

Happy Drupaling!