Axe menu for gnome-shell

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Big and beautiful menu for gnome-shell 3.2 and 3.4 :)

Install from or

Download (v0.8.3)
.tar.gz — 61 kb


or use this script:

wget -c -O axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz
tar xvfz axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz -C $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/



  • Right click on the menu to open settings manager.
  • Left click to open the menu >> start typing right away to search for what you're looking for >> press Enter to open the first search result.
  • Press "Tab" on your keyboard to switch between Favorites and All applications.
  • The bold and underlined texts are your favorites.
  • To add an app to favorites, hover that app, right click. A box will appear, click Yes to confirm.
  • To remove an app from favorite, hover that app (the bold and underlined ones), right click. A box will appear, click Yes to confirm.
  • The menu is bound to "SuperR" button. See README for details.



For the Italian translation thanks to Giuseppe Palmiotto

For the French translation thanks to .:: CouDu ::.

For the Portuguese (Brazil) thanks to Bruno Magalhães

For the German thanks to Rüdiger

For the Arabic thanks to Hannysabbagh

For the Turkish thanks to Eren Doğuş Ateş

For the Spanish thanks to Antonio Trujillo

For the Chinese thanks to 杜宏羽

For the Hebrew thanks to Ami Geva

For the Bahasa Indonesia thanks to Sahri Riza Umami

For the Japanese thanks to Nishio Futoshi

For the Polish thanks to Mateusz Szostak

For the Greek thanks to giotis

For the Catalan thanks to David Soms

For the Dutch thanks to Rob van den Berg

For the Czech thanks to Pavel Sieder

For the Finnish thanks to Juhani Numminen



Like it?


finid 22/Jul/2012 06:59

Nice menu, but I can barely read text in the menu. Is there a way to configure the background color and transparency?

pablo 11/Jul/2012 12:14

How can I change the 'gnome' foot icon in menu button with e.g. ubuntu?

easy2002 02/Jul/2012 16:08

wget -c -O axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz
tar xvfz axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz -C $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

And activate Axe Menu extension in gnome-tweak-tool

futoshi 30/Jun/2012 19:09

It's Cool. And I translated in Japanese.

Jonathan 30/Jun/2012 09:14

I activated the "on/off" button to "on" but nothing happens.

I dont know how to install this extension manually. Can someone explain me step by step how to do it please?

Niko 13/Jun/2012 00:33

I really like this menu! Especially for selecting which App to launch etc.
However, I also quite frequently use the "Activities" overview for window- and workspace selection. I know that I can still reach it via the hot corner or the tray icon, but I'd rather have the "Activities" button right where it originally was to press against as I normally use a stylus as primary input device and its hard to reach the hot corner with it. The Axe menu could then go right besides it. (Which should ofc. be toggleable). An option like this would make this menu perfect!

thanks for the so far great work!

Golan 12/Jun/2012 22:52

Да конечно, вот :

easy2002 12/Jun/2012 22:50

@Golan: А что за тема? Можно посмотреть?

Golan 12/Jun/2012 22:48

Спасибо, поправил у себя в теме...gnome-shell.css. А я чего-то не приметил этого параметра... пытался c axemenu-icon играться ;).
Спасибо, еще раз прекрасное меню включил его в свою тему оформления...не много поправив код под неё.

easy2002 12/Jun/2012 22:45

@Golan: Люди делятся на две категории. Одни используют иконку без надписи и жалуются на промежуток справа, другие - надпись без иконки и жалуются на промежуток слева. :D

easy2002 12/Jun/2012 22:41

@Golan: Понятненько.. Поменяй
gedit $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/axemenu@wheezy/stylesheet.css
.application-menu-button-label {
padding-left: 0;

Golan 12/Jun/2012 22:37

Вот посмотрите:

easy2002 12/Jun/2012 22:16

@Golan: А скриншот можно? Вроде ничего не менял этого.. Последняя версия - это 0.7.2?

Golan 12/Jun/2012 21:57

В последней версии изменилось расстояние от края панели до кнопки "Обзор", оно увеличилось, на мой взгляд. Не могли бы вы указать где мне поправить код, чтобы вернуть как было или же дать ссылку на предудущую верисю.

LR 12/Jun/2012 06:47

"Fixed Height Menu" in the Axemenu settings, the "Favorites" when it's toggled to off is good:-

But when toggled on:-

"All Applications" though works correctly.

LR 12/Jun/2012 06:03

@easy2002, thankyou :)

easy2002 10/Jun/2012 19:18

@LR: ok, I think :)

easy2002 10/Jun/2012 19:10

cd $HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/axemenu@wheezy/

Restart shell

PS: Could you send me the .po file?

Eren 10/Jun/2012 18:02

Hi, thanks for nice extension. I've done some translation to Turkish but i couldn't find how to apply my translation. How can i apply it ?

LR 08/Jun/2012 08:47

Editing the applications list in the Axe Menu if possible please.

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