WiFi точка доступа в Linux

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Задача — воткнуть адаптер в компук, в моём случае, «подкроватный» сервачок с Дебианом, и настроить точку доступа. Изначально договоримся, что всё остальное настроено. Но адаптеры WiFi такие штуки, что и в виндах не всё гладко, так что данная статья может не совсем подойти к вашему адаптеру.


Mount MTP device on Debian 7 wheezy

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Today I needed to transfer som pictures from my phone (a Google Nexus 4) to my computer running Crunchbang (based on Debian 7 wheezy). The required packages for this to work has not yet been added to Debian stable to work around this I manually built the required tools from source.

Install required packages


Работа с базой данных в Drupal 7

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Работа с базой данных в Drupal 7

Override Drupal 7 taxonomy display by vocabulary

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I've had a couple of cases recently where I've wanted to use views to override the output of taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term on a site, but this can be tricky if you want to use different views for one or more specific vocabularies. Normally, you'd just enable the delivered Taxonomy Term view and modify it as needed for the site, and presumably that's how Drupal 8 will work by default with Views in Core. I've looked briefly at the Taxonomy Views Integrator module, but quite frankly, this task falls under customization for a specific site, so why not just customize for the site?

I looked around a little, and determined that the code I want to override is near the bottom of taxonomy_term_page(), starting where taxonomy_select_nodes() is called to build the contents. For this project, I really wanted to leave everything else alone (although I may come back and disable the RSS feeds, since I don't really need those, either.)

We start by overriding the page callback for taxonomy/term/%taxonomy_term to pass through a custom page callback function:

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how to create view that display just 2 level of taxonomy vocabulary

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This link saved me :), hopefully you get the results too....

Here is a quick tip that has proved helpful in a few different instances. Say you have a taxonomy vocabulary that has a set of root terms and these terms have children. For example:

Honda -Civic -Accord Toyota -Camry -Prius

Now say you want to configure a view that only shows the first level of this vocabulary. For example:

Honda Toyota

This is pretty easy to do and can prove useful when wanting to show a top level view of your terms. You can accomplish this with two steps within a term view:

  1. Add a relationship to the ‘Parent Term’.
  2. Add a filter using the ‘Parent Term’ relationship against the Term Name and set the operator to ‘Is Empty (NULL)’

Simple as that.

Happy Drupaling!


How do I show only 3 of the latest posts for each term in a view

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If you need only one node you can use “Representative node” relationship. But if you need three nodes per each term, use something like Views Field View.

1) Create "child" view for content. Something like this:


Домашний сервер «всё-в-одном» — success story

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Жил да был у меня роутер одной хорошей фирмы на букву «Dead». Ну, это с ним, собственно, и случилось.
Посмотрел я на цены новых, на кучу компьютерного хлама в углу, на список подключений на домашнем компе… И понял, что не нужен мне роутер. Соберу свой, с нормальной маршрутизацией, DNS, WINS, i2p, блекджеком и так далее.

Как это было?Далее

Кроссбраузерный inline-block

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Кроссбраузерный inline-block

Разрешите представить вам перевод статьи «Cross-Browser Inline-Block», написанной Райном Доэрти холодным февралем 2009 года. В статье рассказывается о верстке элементов списка с установкой для свойства display значения inline-block. Статья об этом, а также о трудностях, возникающих в процессе достижения результата и о методах их «лечения».

Drupal Theming Guide

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Theming Guide
The Definitive Guide to Drupal 7


Tutorial - How to Work and Style Breadcrumbs in Drupal 7

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Tutorial - How to Work and Style Breadcrumbs in Drupal 7

The little details in your site can make all the difference when it comes down to accessibility and ease-of-use. Breadcrumbs usually fall by the wayside on most Drupal sites because at the default level they barely work. Sure they are great on the admin side but once you set up various content types, views, pages, and contact pages, all of a sudden your breadcrumbs become dumb. They don't know how your pages are linked unless you use "Navigation" or "Main Menu" for everything. And let's face it, often times we use different primary menus and sometimes even separate secondary ones as well.